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Working Together For a Better Town

The Forum was formed in January 2012, after consulting local business and the wider community it became clear that there was a desire for a new group to represent the interests of local business while embracing local community groups and organisations. After an initial meeting which was exceptionally well attended the membership has steadily risen to include Shops, Hairdressers. Cafes, Banks, Hotels and Schools, as well as specialist operators such as Catering Companies, Waste Disposal Operators, and Caravan Parks.

Prestatyn is set for a period of sustained growth and prosperity creating business and employment opportunities for all. The forum is voluntarily operated by likeminded business people and key decision makers who help to influence the local economy of the town and surrounding area. Membership is open to any business owner/manager or community group operating within Prestatyn and the surrounding area. The aim is to provide an ideal networking framework for all businesses from the sole trader to the multi nationals, as well as welcoming local community groups and charitable organisations. The Forum is free from political interests and seeks only to provide a platform from which to represent the interests and ideas of its members.

Membership qualification is primarily based around wanting to be part of a group dedicated to supporting the town of Prestatyn and its surrounding area. The £25 annual subscription (less than 50p per week) is an investment in your business or organisation and not an expense, we give our assurance that your subscription will be used to encourage match funding towards projects that members want to see in place, it will not be used on unnecessary administration and refreshments at meetings.

There are already several on-going projects / events , the Forum has already held its first town event a Grand St Davids Day Parade which took place in all areas of the High Street on Thursday 01st March. The Forum organised this event in conjunction with local primary schools with help from the local authorities. This event involved several hundred children along with parents, grandparents and other spectators, this dramatic increase in footfall provided additional trading opportunities for local shops, food outlets and transportation providers. We received an extremely positive response from the public and businesses, a great deal of positive publicity was earned with Prestatyn even featuring on the Welsh TV news that day. Established independently run events in the town such as the Classic Car Show are fully supported by the Forum and we are pleased to assist the organisers where invited. There are many others events to be planned such as the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics just to mention a few this year.

Others aspects of business support such as town planning, training opportunities and development grants are also part of the Forums strategy. Engaging in dialogue with developers, Prestatyn Town Council and Denbighshire County Council is important to ensure the best deals and support are available for new and existing businesses.

The message is clear, THIS IS YOUR FORUM, it is owned by the members and operated by the members, if you want to be part of something new, fresh and professionally operated step into the ring and join us. You have the chance to be in on something exciting at a crucial time in Prestatyn’s development. By networking with other likeminded positive people you can add value to your business, support your local community and have fun while doing so. You are welcome to attend any of the Forums meetings or check progress through postings on our facebook Page. If you have a product, service or perhaps an event you want to promote, come along to one of our meetings and be introduced to those already involved, bring some business cards to hand around you will be very welcome!